Decluttering, day 5

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I was blessed to have quite a few hours available to declutter yesterday! I have finished going through everything in my three storage cupboards. During this week, I got rid of about 1-1/2 cupboards full of stuff. Everything in the middle cupboard and the top half of the third cupboard used to be in other parts of my studio, mostly on the floor blocking the walkway! I still have some empty drawers in the first cupboard, so today I’ll be deciding what should go in those.


Yesterday, I tackled my work table. What a joy to finally see the cutting mat again!

studio-declutter-09 Today I’m working in this corner of the studio. In addition to putting away all the stuff, I want to declutter all those little drawers. It’s about 1:30 PM. I’ll see what I can get done during the rest of the afternoon.