Decluttering, day 6

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studio-declutter-12Saturday I got some more accomplished on my task to declutter my studio.

Who am I kidding? Clutter sounds so trivial, like a paper here, a pencil there. No, I meant I was determined to completely go through everything in the studio and purge it of things that I am no longer using. For me, that takes some brain effort! I have to actually think about each object, or at least each group of objects, and realistically determine if I will actually ever use that item in the future. Some things are pretty easy, others are more difficult. Ideally, I’m the type of person who wants to use everything! Truthfully, I am at the point where I want to fine tune my interests, and therefore my supplies.

So Saturday afternoon I started working on the far corner of my studio which had gotten stacked up high with partially completed projects and all sorts of items that needed a home.


studio-declutter-11So, progress was made! At least I dealt with a lot of things that were under the tables and on the ironing board. But after a couple hours, my newly cleaned worktable (see proof above) was covered with more things to put away, and the two chairs that are theoretically meant for visitors (see below) were filled with more things to put away or get rid of. That made me tired! So, I stopped and watched a movie.

Today is a new day! I might have an hour or two today, so I’m going to put away some of that stuff. The first thing to do is carry out all the things I want to sell or give away or throw away. That should help!

Later this week, I need to purge all those little drawers in the card catalog units and, if I am really energetic, I really should address the boxes on top of the cupboards and bookshelves. Yikes! Maybe not…we’ll see.

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  1. Ed

    It is practically a futile struggle…and as soon as you get rid of something it becomes exactly that you need for that great idea you just had…when I try to clear up a mess in one area it just leads to another mess in another less messy area…but, good luck with your good intentions…

  2. Colleen Kole

    Its January. I am doing the same thing Maria. It’s tiring but I am finding things I have forgotten about. And pacing myself with George practice when I get sick of dealing with things. Both need to be conquered-my studio and George.

    • Maria

      Hahaha! Conquering George was the other thing on my to-do list, but first I had to dig down through all the clutter just to reach him 🙂

  3. Brenda Johnson

    Cheer, cheer, cheering you on! Go for it! Don’t you just wish time would stand still while you do stuff like this? You wouldn’t have to worry about getting it done for this or that and could just concentrate on doing a good job? If time stood still, there wouldn’t be a pile of unfinished projects too. Oh well, we’ll save that for heaven. We won’t have to live on a timeline there.