Decluttering – victory!

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studio-declutter-13I’m declaring victory in the decluttering war! Okay, honestly there are a few more areas that I should address, but frankly I am ready to stop for now. I’ve made major progress and I feel like I can work in my studio again.

Today I decluttered all the little drawers in the card catalog drawers and the two units of little drawers. I also purged my studio of a lot of dust collectors. As I did, I realized that if I pushed all of the various drawer units against the wall, then I ended up with “shelf” space in front where clutter collected. Not only does the clutter end up full of dust, but it also prevents me from opening the bottom drawers. I decided to try an experiment. I positioned all of the various drawer units so the front edges all stopped at about the same place. Then I put a few cardboard boxes behind the smaller units so they were firmly in place. The cardboard boxes open to the side so I will store bulky batting in those. I’m excited about this idea, so I hope it helps.

It’s a little frightening to think of how much stuff I hauled out of there! I’ve bought so much stuff that I hardly used. I’m really good at “buy and collect.” Somehow, I need to make a concerted effort to buy less and use what I have!

studio-declutter-14aThis evening, I had to stand there a few minutes and just enjoy my studio with everything put away. I know it won’t last, but I want to try harder to keep it closer to this view than the one I was faced with a week ago. Now to conquer George…

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  1. Brenda Johnson

    Congratulations on your feat! Since you brought up collecting selectively, I have to point out…there are some thing still left in your studio that aren’t blue!!! (Think about it.)

    Thanks for inspiring us!