Machine Quilting Unlimited

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Machine Quilting Unlimited March/April 2015I had a nice little pat on the back recently. Diane Doran of Machine Quilting Unlimited wanted to use an image of my quilt, “Strawberry Delight,” for a gallery of quilts featuring children. Of course I said, “Hmmm…let me think about it for a nanosecond…” Yep, I immediately said YES!

A couple days ago I got the March/April 2015 issue in the mail and I flipped to pages 28-29 with the gallery entitled “Childhood Moments.” There on the top of page 29 is my little quilt.

Machine Quilting Unlimited March/April 2015Oh yeah, there are some other really nice quilts there, too, and there are actually two more pages as part of the gallery, but, it’s kind of like when you look at a group picture, where do you look first? Of course, you look for yourself first!

Thanks for thinking of me, Diane!