Ohio River Valley Artist Guild and Apron Strings Quilt Shop

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Ohio River Valley Artist GuildJust two hours away from Dayton or Columbus, or one hour away from Cincinnati, nestled right along the Ohio River, is the charming little town of Maysville, Kentucky. That’s where you will find the Ohio River Valley Artist Guild. During the month of March they are holding “The Art of Quilts” exhibit. Four of my quilts, Sheer Whim, Redeeming Fragments, Blue Dave, and Violinist will be a part of their exhibit as well.

The opening was originally scheduled for last night, but due to 15″ of snowfall, they had to reschedule the opening. The reception will now be held Friday, March 20, 2015 from 5 to 7. This coincides with the first day of the Maysville Quilt Gathering. The Maysville Quilt Gathering will take place at the Maysville Conference Center, 24 East Second Street, Maysville, KY, 41056. It will feature a traditional, antique and youth quilt exhibit as well as a Merchant Mall with quilt related items, fiber art and artisan handcrafted items. Admission is $5.00. The Cox Gallery, located at 2 East Third Street, Maysville, KY run by the Ohio River Valley Artist Guild, is hosting the “Art of Quilts” exhibit which features four of my quilts and “Quiltography” a study in quilts of photographs by the QAK, Quilt Artists of Kentucky. The exhibit will run through the month of March and is free to the public.

Apron Strings Quilt ShopSweet hubby and I drove down yesterday to drop off my quilts. We dropped them off at the beautiful Apron Strings Quilt Shop. If you go to see the show, be sure to take a short walk and stop by this quilt store, too.

Apron Strings Quilt ShopHonestly, the first thing that captured my attention was the beautiful architecture which was updated with cheerful aqua walls and lime accents. Sunlight flooded in through the front windows, softly filtered by various sheer fabrics. Not only did they have a really nice selection of a variety of fabrics, but the beautifully decorated store also had a selection of gift items. It all came together as a really happy and lively place. I only wish it was closer to my home!

  1. Diana Welte

    Thank you, Maria, for the wonderful article. We are honored to have your amazing quilts in the gallery. I hope you get to come back soon. We’d love to have you at Mary’s quilt shop sometime and wish you lived closer, too.

    in friendship,