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Thousands of BoltsI thought it would be fun to talk a little more about places to buy fabric!

Thousands of Bolts is a great place to buy fabric at a big discount. Their slogan is “Thousands of bolts, only one nut!!” I ordered from them for the first time last year, and I’ve been very happy with their service.

Right off the bat, I like that a lot of the fabric is $4.95 per yard. They have an extensive collection of batiks that are $6.95 per yard. Some of the special lines, like Stonehenge, are more, but there is plenty of beautiful fabric for the lower cost. That makes it loads more fun to go shopping for fabric, doesn’t it? The downside is the fabric is all sold in one yard increments, so you can’t buy half a yard.

The fabric is sorted by color, which appeals to me as well. It helps me narrow things down if I’m trying to build up my stash of a specific color, for instance. Once you pick a color family, you are brought to a page that shows up to 36 swatches at a time. I like that you can order fabric directly from that page without having to go to an individual page.

Thousands of BoltsOne handy feature that I like is they have a Color Matcher tool. You can click on a specific color within one of the thumbnails and then search for other fabrics that also have that color. They also tell you if a specific pattern is available in other colors, or if there are other fabrics in the same collection. You can also get a rough idea of how big the pattern is because down below it says that the image shows a 6″ by 6″ square.

Thousands of Bolts Thousands of Bolts

The last time I ordered, it came in a nice, sturdy box. When you open it up, everything is beautifully folded.

Thousands of BoltsI appreciate the fact that each piece of fabric has a label identifying it, and they are all stacked in exactly the same order as they appear on the order form which is included with your order. It is nice to be able to easily tell if you received your entire order.

If you haven’t ordered from Thousands of Bolts yet, what are you waiting for? I will certainly be ordering from them again.

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  1. Sharon Robinson

    Wow Maria, thanks ( I think!) for all the great tips on places to purchase fabric. I think I am about to spend some money. I really DO need to stock up on solids. Really. 😉