Not quilting related, but happy just the same

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So, it isn’t quilting related, but it makes me happy just the same. Maybe you’ll enjoy it, too. Next to organizing my studio, my favorite place to organize is my kitchen. I bought some fun shelf paper before Christmas, and I’ve been waiting for a few extra hours so I could use it. Today, after breakfast I decided to seize the moment!

We’ve been in this house, which is the church parsonage, for ten years now. When the church first purchased it, it was a total wreck. That actually made me happy because it meant we could refurbish the whole thing, which is pretty wonderful in my book. We had a lot of friends who spent many volunteer hours cleaning, painting, moving the laundry room, and putting in flooring, along with a multitude of other tasks. What a blessing! But, after ten years, I’ve noticed a lot of areas that are starting to look worn, especially in the kitchen. Eventually I will need to repaint the cabinets, but today I simply put in new shelf paper in the pantry and then reorganized the contents. That was enough for today, and it makes me happy to see the fun, totally unnecessary polka dots on the back wall.