Happy Father’s Day

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dave2015If you’ve ever seen me speak in public, it’s entirely this guy’s fault. He’s the outgoing, social butterfly, and he’s continually pushing me to get past being an introvert. This month we celebrated our 34th anniversary. Wow, that’s a long time!

It’s been a quiet blog-month, but it’s been anything but quiet here on the home front. We celebrated our anniversary earlier in the month by combining a pastors’ conference with a little mini vacation in Indianapolis in my father’s RV. It was so nice and relaxing! And, sweet hubby was the hero and even suggested we run around town one day and visit quilt stores. What a guy! No wonder we stay married! More about the private shop hop later this week.

Happy Father’s Day, sweet hubby. Despite all the dire predictions when we got married, you have been a terrific dad, and I’ve been blessed to have been part of it.

dad-kvhAnd I always think of my own dad on Father’s Day. He modeled joyfulness, integrity, creativity, and so many other great character qualities. I’m thankful God made me his daughter. He went to be with his Lord almost three years ago, but my memory of him remains fresh and fond.

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  1. Brenda Johnson

    Happy Anniversary! Did you take a gondola ride in Indy when you were there? I just learned last night they have gondolas complete with gondoliers to serenade! Didn’t ever realize they had waterways to support it. (Looks like we were married about 9 months ahead of you. 9-20-80)

    • Maria

      Oh, we missed the gondola rides! I didn’t know about them. I guess we’ll have to go back now 🙂

      In September 1980, we were just beginning. We met on August 4, 1980 and got engaged four days later!