My Indy shop hop

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Quilts PlusI’ve been to Indianapolis many times, but we never managed to make time to visit any quilt stores. I know, shocking! Well, when sweet hubby and I were there earlier this month, he suggested we take a day to drive around town and do some exploring. I picked out three that were not too far from where we were staying, and we had a great time exploring. He even stayed by my side in each of the stores and ignored the offered husband retreats like the comfy bench outside. And then he pushed me to buy fabric! Isn’t he great? Or maybe it’s because I let him talk me into watching two blow-’em-up, “boy” movies the day before? Oh, who cares if it means buying fabric, right?

Quilts Plus

Our first stop was at Quilts Plus. This beautiful, welcoming shop was well-stocked and the staff was friendly. I really enjoyed wandering around and touching all the pretty fabric! Yes, I did bring some home with me!

Quilt QuartersQuilt QuartersNext up we went to Quilt Quarters. This store is much bigger than your average quilt stores. Lots of space packed full of fabric! I had a really hard time getting good photos because the store is so big. They had lots of wonderful batiks, and a wide selection of other types of fabrics, too. There was a large, well-lit classroom right next door.

It’s probably it’s a good thing that this store is not closer to where I live, if you know what I mean 😉 I took quite a long time exploring this store, too, but I finally had to wrap it up because it was way past lunch. Of course, a few pieces of fabric came home with me first.

Quilt ExpressionsWe had a leisurely lunch and sweet hubby announced there was time for one more. Who am I to argue? I consulted my iPad and we headed off to Quilt Expressions. As soon as you walk in, you are treated by a luscious wall of batiks and a comfy recliner. What a nice way to say hello! But there’s more…so much more. I spent a long time exploring every nook and cranny while sweet hubby chatted with the friendly quilters staffing the store. There was so much to see and drool over. It was a perfect ending to my own private shop hop.

Quilt Expressions

Thanks, sweet hubby, for the great day. Now to actually use some of that fabric!