Friendship Quilters Guild

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friendshipquiltersLast Saturday was moving day for DD#1 and her husband. Smart girl that she is, she graciously agreed to be my assistant while I taught my “Making Faces” fused appliqué portrait workshop to the Friendship Quilters Guild of Coldwater, Ohio. Did I mention she was smart? She came with me so sweet hubby could help with the move. What could be better than a fun day watching more portraits come alive while the guys do the grunt-work, and then go to your new home for a nice steak dinner.

We had a great time with this group of ladies. Everyone was friendly and cheerful, even when I found out I accidentally left the power cord to my printer back at my house. Martha saved the day by silently slipping away and borrowing one from someone who lived close by. Whew! After that, everything went smoothly and we all enjoyed the day.

Just look at the nice portraits they made! Some are still in progress, but you can see they will turn out good, too.

Thank you so much, ladies! I hope you all enjoyed it as much as we did.