All play and no work

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studio-cleanup-Sept-2015-aIt’s been all play and no work lately. Isn’t that what grandmas do? So, how does my studio get so messed up if I’m not even doing anything in there?

Well, I need some major motivation! I figure if I tell you how messy my studio is, then I’ll have an urgent reason to get it cleaned up, just so I can report back in a few days.

studio-cleanup-Sept-2015-bSo here is the true state of my studio. Let’s see if I can turn things around so I can start a new season of some work and some play.

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  1. Brenda Johnson

    It reminds me of a corollary of Murphy’s law. “Every horizontal surface is soon piled up!” I understand completely! I could add a pic of my sewing room to make you feel better if it would help.

    • Maria

      Yes, every horizontal surface, no matter how precarious! Plus, the floor is the biggest shelf in the house, right?