A little less play, a little more work

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studio-cleanup-Sept-2015-c studio-cleanup-Sept-2015-dIt’s about time for me to report back on my “clean the studio” task. I’m happy to say that I’ve played a little less the last few days so I could work on cleaning the studio. Again, why? Why do I let it get this way? Who knows if I will ever quit letting my studio become unusable. But in the meantime, I actually did some work!

Sometimes it is confusing where to start cleaning up when it gets this bad. I always just pick one spot and work clockwise. It works for me. So, I started by tackling the table top. Item by item, I found a proper home for each. Some things went straight in the trash. Others will be given away.

I prewashed and folded a bunch of fabric. That still needs to be put away, but at least I’ll be able to reach the cupboards now.

And the floor — the biggest shelf in the house — I can finally see it again!

konas-Sept-2015-My Kona cottons are organized, too. As before, I have organized them by value. I think it helps me to remember to think in terms of value, not color. I want to make sure my quilts include a wide range of values to maximize impact.

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  1. paula.thequilter

    I’ve been looking at my fabric storage lately. I’ve become unhappy with storing it by color. I think I’ll pull ALL the fabric and sort by value. I know there will be pieces (large scale prints?) that won’t fit into any value. I love the way your Konas look, especially with the gray scale down the right side. Absolutely yummy.

    • Maria

      I still have my prints stored pretty much by color, although for some colors that I have a lot of it is by value, too. But all the Konas are by value, and I love it. I confess that lately I spend more time admiring them on the shelves than actually using them!