Updated Quiltmaker’s Documentation form

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qd2015As you may know, every time I speak or teach at a quilt guild, I always encourage people to take the time to document their quilts. Because of this, I have developed a Quiltmaker’s Documentation form that I distribute freely.

The form helps you remember all the little details about your quilt, all the information that you will want to pass on down to your children when they inherit your quilts, or that you can give to a buyer. Thanks to the suggestion of a long arm quilter (thanks, Dawn), I have updated the Quiltmaker’s Documentation form so there is now a space to document the name of your professional quilter.

So, download the form and please feel free to pass it on to anyone else who you think will be interested, such as everyone in your quilt guild. And then get busy and document your quilts!

  1. connie bates

    Maria, you have such a warm & generous heart! I love this! I have documented all my quilts from the beginning, but I really like this layout! Thank you for sharing! connie bates