One year later

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ElkinsMaria-BlueDave_2009It has now been one year since my sweet hubby, Dave, left us and went home to heaven. I don’t even know how to express what this year has been like. So much has changed. We have all missed him dreadfully, but our family has rallied together and drawn closer in the grief. I’m so thankful that the intense sadness has been balanced out by the pure joy of watching our two granddaughters. It is wonderful to laugh and enjoy the antics of a baby and a toddler, especially knowing how much Dave loved children, and his grandchildren in particular.

Sweet hubby was a pastor for 24 years, and while we were cleaning out the house we found about 300 cassette tapes of his messages during the 1990’s and early 2000’s. I decided to digitally record those messages and put these vintage messages on our church website. So, instead of quilting, I’ve spent much of the last nine months listening to his voice, which has been so comforting, and I’ve developed a whole new appreciation for his insights and the way God used him. I’ve made a significant dent in those tapes, and while I am looking forward to hearing the rest of them, someday that will come to an end and I’m sure I’ll turn back to my quilting. Everything has a season, I suppose.