Room of Requirement Day 2

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Today was Day 2 of me working in the Room of Requirement. Wednesdays and Thursdays are typically too busy for me to do anything extra so they don’t count, but today I got in my studio after lunch and got to work. I cleared out two cabinets, which somehow doesn’t seem like a lot, but it filled quite a few boxes! Plus I made the momentous decision to sell all my dye and surface design supplies including books, DVDs, dyeable PFD silk and cotton fabrics, dyes, chemicals, etc. I’m hoping to sell it all in one lot to someone local because it would be much too heavy to ship. If you think you might be interested, shoot me an email and I’ll give you the list of everything that is included.

So here is my before and after! I left some plastic drawer units in the cabinet since they are so lightweight that it didn’t make sense to put them in separate boxes. The drawers at the top just have scraps of Kona cottons, sorted by value. The drawers at the bottom are completely empty. They used to hold dye supplies. I think they might hold homeschool craft supplies after the renovation.

Hoping to get a few more boxes packed after dinner, too.