2012 NQA Show

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Sweet hubby and I just returned from the 43rd Annual NQA Quilt Show. (NQA stands for National Quilting Association.) I was scheduled to teach six workshops over a three day period! I was pretty nervous about that, and it took … Continued

IQA Journal Winter 2012

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I just got my IQA (International Quilt Association) Digital Journal for Winter 2013. It has the award winning quilts from the 2011 IQA Judged Show in it. All I have to say is, seriously? When “Windblown” won the big award … Continued

Beavercreek News-Current

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The Beavercreek News-Current, a small local newspaper in our town, did a nice article on “Windblown” winning the award at the International Quilt Festival in Houston. (Thanks, Jodi!) I knew they were writing an article, but didn’t know when it … Continued

Windblown on The Quilt Show

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Sharon Pederson of The Quilt Show interviewed me about Windblown while I was at the International Quilt Festifal in Houston. The interview is now on her Daily Blog. If the link above doesn’t work, you can visit the website at … Continued

What was I going to say?

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Someone asked me what I was going to say at the IQA Luncheon last Wednesday, if I didn’t have a melt down like I did. Yes, I really did have something in mind, but I accidentally left my brain behind … Continued

IQF Day 3

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Ahhh! A day to “relax!” Today was my day to see the show…not that anyone could possibly see it in just one day! I spent the morning shopping. Here is the first interesting thing I bought. It’s the CD of … Continued