Tupperware in my studio: part 3

I love to use this piece of Tupperware whenever I have to pack up my stuff for a workshop that I am taking. I think it may have originally been called “Lunch ‘N Things.” The largest center section could fit a sandwich and the left hand section would probably fit a juice box. If you’re searching eBay, I’ve seen them described as a “Tupperware sandwich keeper” or a “Tupperware craft … Continue reading

Tupperware in my studio: part 2

This piece of Tupperware is what I use for my cash box when I speak and teach at quilt guilds. It would probably also work well as a small organizing box for when you travel to a workshop. It is a nice, sleek size, just 10-1/2″ by 5-1/2″ by 2-1/2″. It has rounded corners on all sides so it easily slips into an empty space in a bag or suitcase. … Continue reading

Tupperware in my studio: part 1

Many years ago when DD#2 was just an infant, I used to sell Tupperware. I’m still a big fan. Now that we are just a household of two, I don’t need as much Tupperware in my kitchen so it’s an extra bonus that some of it has found its way into my studio. Most people know that I’m also very fond of the color blue. In an effort to minimize … Continue reading

My new blue chair

My new blue chair has arrived! This is one of those ergonomic chairs that lets you adjust everything from the height, the tilt, and the lumbar support. I can’t wait for life to settle down enough for me to put in some serious time getting to know it. While I haven’t been blogging over the last week or so, my thumb has been healing (although it is still very tender), … Continue reading

Blue hardware

These made me absurdly happy today, so I thought I’d share them with you. I’m planning on making three or four special bags for carrying my quilts when I travel to teach workshops or speak at quilt guilds. As I was searching the internet for a source for the hooks and D-rings I need for the bags, I ran across Strapworks.com. The price seemed reasonable, but the kicker for me … Continue reading

Li’l Blue comes to live with us

Yesterday afternoon we added a new member to our family. We went car shopping and brought home Li’l Blue. Why is this significant? Why am I even excited about this? Because we paid for Li’l Blue in full and in cash, with my earnings that I’ve been diligently saving from my various quiltmaking endeavors: lectures, workshops, articles I’ve written, and award money. I’ve been squirrelling it all away and spending … Continue reading

Product Review: Clotilde Sewing Edge

Yesterday I was given the gift of practically a whole day to sew, and I was determined to stay focused. Other than a bit of time on Pinterest during lunch, and a few scattered moments to check email, I spent a good seven hours enjoying the process of putting together a simple quilt. And the good news is: the last row was sewn on just in time to make dinner! … Continue reading

Today’s task

I had the opportunity to sneak in a couple hours of sewing Saturday night so that I finished piecing all of the blocks. Sunday morning before church, and then again in the afternoon, I finished cutting the 6-1/2″ alternate blocks. In the evening our church gathered to watch “The Big Game,” so I set up my machine in a back corner and sewed one alternate block to each pieced block. … Continue reading