Review of 2013

My family

It’s nice to look back and reflect a bit, so here’s my short review of 2013. Thankfully it was a bit less eventful than 2012. There were several things I split my attention between. I spent quite a bit of time speaking and teaching at numerous quilt guilds across the country. Sweet hubby and I traveled to California, Des Moines, Decatur, and all over Ohio. I’ve included the long trips … Continue reading

Cabin Window accepted

I opened up my email today and was completely surprised by an acceptance letter! It may sound funny, I suppose, but I sort of forgot that I submitted Cabin Window for consideration for the 2013 IQA show in Houston. How could I forget that? Well, I haven’t really made any “real” quilts this last year or more. Family has been my primary focus. I started a quilt of my daughters … Continue reading

Tutorial: What goes on a quilt label

While I was putting the final touches on “Cabin Window” last week, there was a Facebook question about making quilt labels. That made me think of some of the different ways I’ve made labels through the years. I guess it goes without saying that I hope you label your quilts! Every quilt you make deserves to have your name on it. For a few years, I studied quilt history and … Continue reading

Tutorial: Facing instead of binding

I finished quilting my quilt yesterday morning. Just simple lines following the curves of the piecing. It’s been quite a while since I’ve done any quilting, so I was pretty rusty. The quilting lines aren’t as smooth and the corners aren’t as sharp as I would like, but it’s done, and that’s what is important at this point. I decided to keep the undulating curved edges. Since that is unusual … Continue reading

Product Review: Mountain Mist White Gold

Do you ever find things in your studio that you don’t remember purchasing? This week I went to my stash of batting and found a crib size roll of Mountain Mist White Gold batting. Since I am in “use it up” mode, I decided that my latest quilt would be the perfect opportunity to give it a try. This is a fusible, 100% cotton batting. Of course, it is very … Continue reading

Thread color decisions

Decisions, decisions. Today I need to decide if I will quilt this with just one color thread, or if I will use multiple colors. For most of the quilts I make, thread color is an easy choice. Since I am usually depicting realistic objects, I usually pick a thread that blends in, and I change the thread color as often as necessary. For this quilt, that same logic doesn’t necessarily … Continue reading

Making progress

I worked fairly diligently today — at least several hours — and I’m making progress. I still want to work on the two lower corners. I haven’t done a very good job working those out yet, but maybe I’ll have another hour or two after dinner. I’m also considering making the edges curved rather than having the quilt be a strict rectangle. I can see pros and cons of both. … Continue reading

It’s just a piece of fabric

I decided I needed to put aside procrastination and try working on something. I took out the blue quilt top I started in a Nancy Crow workshop last May. This is the same quilt top I took out on February 1. Instead of being brave back then, I played the coward and worked on the blue Irish Chain quilt instead. Today I decided to be brave. I kept telling myself … Continue reading