Working through it

I’ve been telling myself that I need to finish the various quilt tops that I started in the Nancy Crow workshops last year. The problem is, something is holding me back. Most likely fear. So, I’ve been procrastinating instead. The problem is that I’ve procrastinated so much (in the form of organizing obsessively) that now my studio is all clean and orderly and there is nothing else fun to organize. … Continue reading

Nancy Crow workshop: lines and curves days 1 and 2

One thing I’ll say right up front: a Nancy Crow workshop certainly isn’t about sitting on the veranda with your feet up, enjoying the gentle breeze and chatting with your neighbor. Nancy doesn’t waste any time and she pushes you to work hard. I love that. Sweet hubby wasn’t able to come with me this week. Although I didn’t especially like coming back to an empty hotel room in my … Continue reading