Review of 2015

For the last few years, I’ve posted brief summaries of the year as it ended. I haven’t been posting much lately, and with the loss of my sweet hubby, I was hesitant to do a review this year, but I thought I would try a mini review. But, forever in my mind, 2015 will always be remembered as the year I said goodbye to my best friend. … Continue reading

A little punkin surprise!

Little Punkin by Maria Elkins, © 2015

The weather is getting cooler and I’m eager for some yummy pumpkin-flavored treats — maybe a steaming pumpkin spice latte or some warm pumpkin pie with real whipped cream. Well, today I received a little punkin surprise that I want to share with you! I got an email announcing that my quilt, Little Punkin, won an award at IQA’s judged show in Houston!!! I won’t know which award it won … Continue reading

Tutorial: hammers for flat corners

I finished quilting my little quilt, Requisite Red. George behaved admirably once I put in Magnifico by Superior Threads. Magnifico is a 40 weight polyester thread specifically designed to stand up to the tension requirements of a machine like George. I used prewound bobbins of Bottom Line thread. I was able to achieve an acceptable tension with very little trouble. What a relief! I decided to use facing to finish … Continue reading

Product review: Heat Press Batting Together

I have recommended to sweet hubby that we should rename the month of May. I think it should now be called “If it weren’t for the last minute nothing would get done” month. He says it should be called “Desperation.” His idea has the virtue of being short and concise: March, April, Desperation, June, July… I don’t think Desperation is exactly how I feel, though. More of “why on earth … Continue reading

Review of 2014

Introducing Hazel Rinoa

I can’t believe it is already the end of 2014! This has been a busy, eventful year for our family. Being “Mimi” means a lot of quilt making gets put on hold temporarily so I can focus completely on little Hazel, but I expect in the coming year things should start balancing out more. Here are a few of the bright spots for 2014. Click the caption for the full … Continue reading

Push-up #9: Improvisational Seminole Patchwork?

I was looking through one of the first quilting books I ever purchased: Seminole Patchwork by Cheryl Greider Bradkin. This book is long out of print. It has a 1980 copyright, and the author came out with a new edition in the early 90’s, also out of print. The later version is in our public library and has nicer illustrations. Anyway, the thing that is interesting to me is that … Continue reading

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Push-up Series so far

I wanted to look at all of the Push-up series at once, so I thought I would do a short blog on them. For those who are new to my blog, my idea of a “push-up” is taking the opportunity to explore an idea without expecting to create a masterpiece. It is a relaxed approach. It’s low risk. I don’t worry about failure. I just try to enjoy the process. … Continue reading

Push-up #8: A.D.D. Complete!

It’s about time! I finally finished Push-up #8! With all of the activities and distractions in my life this year, it took me nearly four months. It seemed appropriate to subtitle the piece, “A.D.D.” In any case, I woke up this morning and I was determined to finish it today. I managed to set aside my fear for a good number of hours and tried to just enjoy the process. … Continue reading