Push-up Series so far

I wanted to look at all of the Push-up series at once, so I thought I would do a short blog on them. For those who are new to my blog, my idea of a “push-up” is taking the opportunity to explore an idea without expecting to create a masterpiece. It is a relaxed approach. It’s low risk. I don’t worry about failure. I just try to enjoy the process. … Continue reading

Review of 2013

My family

It’s nice to look back and reflect a bit, so here’s my short review of 2013. Thankfully it was a bit less eventful than 2012. There were several things I split my attention between. I spent quite a bit of time speaking and teaching at numerous quilt guilds across the country. Sweet hubby and I traveled to California, Des Moines, Decatur, and all over Ohio. I’ve included the long trips … Continue reading

Taking a private retreat

Last Friday, in the middle of the first snow storm of the year, sweet hubby carried me off to a little getaway. We have friends who have a timeshare, but they weren’t able to use it this year, so he conspired with them and we ended up with a week away in French Lick, Indiana. Sweet hubby wanted this to be a little private retreat for us, and he told … Continue reading

I’m still giggling

A funny thing happened to me this week, and I’m still giggling over it! The last two weeks have been crazy. One week, just about everything we had planned got rescheduled or replaced. Then I got sick for two days. I was feeling better when I taught last Saturday but still not quite 100%. Anyway, in the midst of all that, I got an email from a friend about an … Continue reading

Push-up 2 completed!

I’ve been quiet this week because I’m trying to stay away from my computer and stay focused on sewing my new composition. I decided to play with tonal progressions a little more. Here was my basic thought process as Push-up #2 progressed. (Forgive the poor quality of the image. I just did some quick digital editing to simulate what it might have looked like, but I didn’t want to spend … Continue reading