Yikes! What am I going to wear?

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Time for a report from wedding central. Bride: bridal gown is ready to go, but DD#1 has requested a few more minor modifications, if time allows Bridesmaids: two of the three bridesmaids dresses are complete and the last one just … Continued

And the groom will wear…

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So, if the bride is wearing a patchwork of hand-me-downs that are 30 and 40 years old, and the bridesmaids are wearing curtains and tablecloths, what should the groom wear? A bridesmaid skirt, of course! Several months back I snagged … Continued

Bridesmaids dresses: Plan D

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Bridesmaids dresses. Does anyone like those things? They even made a movie about how awful they can be. We’ve been trying to find something somewhat flattering and still avoid paying $100 to $200 per dress for something most people wear … Continued

Back to a little sewing

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It was nice to get back to a little sewing today, even if it was wedding related and not quilting. I’ve been working on DD#1’s wedding dress off and on over the past couple months. She wanted to wear my … Continued

Setting wedding goals

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I’ll give you fair warning: this is all about wedding stuff. No quilting going on right now. For August, I decided to temporarily set my quiltmaking aside so we could focus on wedding plans. My goal is to try to … Continued

Wedding invitations

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I know I’ve frequently mentioned the upcoming wedding for DD#1. We’ve been busy planning, which is sort of scary when you realize that my two daughters and I are all over-achievers and love details. Add to that the fact that … Continued

Champaign Quilter’s Guild

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Sweet hubby and I had a wonderful time this morning with the Champaign Quilter’s Guild in Urbana, Ohio. Thank you, everyone, for the warm welcome! I love doing trunk shows. I encourage people to ask questions when they think of … Continued