Disassembling FMIL’s dress

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I started disassembling DD#1’s future mother-in-law’s (FMIL, for short) dress today. She had such a beautiful dress, and I am so thrilled she wanted us to include portions of it. I want to make the very best use of it … Continued

Next project: wedding dress

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Now that I’ve finished my Nancy Crow classes and the six workshops I taught at the NQA show, I have time to breathe. I think the next major project on my horizon is altering a wedding dress. As I’ve mentioned … Continued

Deal of the Day

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I’m so excited about my great deal, I just had to share about it!!! I met another one of my deadlines, and just have one more to do this week, so I decided to reward myself by going to our … Continued

Gathering wedding stuff

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I’ve felt so privileged to be able to divide my attention between my sweet hubby and my two daughters during these past few weeks. Sweet hubby is recovering at an amazing speed. DD#2 has just finished her first trimester, but … Continued

Surreal times

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The last three weeks have been rather surreal for our family. First, we rejoiced with DD#1 when she got engaged. Four days later we rallied around my husband when he experienced his stroke, and we continue to help him as … Continued

New blue things

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To get myself in the tea party spirit, I treated myself to a new blue-and-white tea mug. Since I’m going to be inundated by burgundy and lavender for the next six months, I thought I should prepare myself first by … Continued

More excitement in our family

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This is increasingly looking like a year where quilting will be taking a supporting role, all for the right reasons. In addition to preparing to welcome a new grandchild (courtesy DD#2), I will now be immersed with wedding plans (courtesy … Continued