Bernina Main Street Workshop

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We had another great “Making Faces” workshop today, organized by Lisa of Bernina Main Street. There was lots of cheerful chatting and laughter, so I think everyone had fun. We had a very large class — 23 in all! I … Continued

Bethany Bits complete!

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“Bethany Bits” is complete. Or, should it be called “Bits of Bethany”? Or maybe something else? I haven’t really decided. What do you think? Maybe I’ll show it to DD#2 and ask her, too 🙂 Since this was really a … Continued

Sample color schemes

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Last night I finished quilting a little color scheme sample that I put together. It was fun working with such bright, pure colors. I love how they look on the crisp, white background! I made this sample so it is … Continued

Eric and Bethany silhouette

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DD#2 came over last night to use my Photoshop Elements for a project she was working on. When she was done, she saw me working on some silhouettes, so she decided to do one, too. I had a picture of … Continued