Finally — curtains!

There are some things I get done very quickly. Other things…not so much. This is a project of the latter kind! I haven’t been doing much quilting lately, but I wanted to do some kind of sewing. Thursday I woke up and immediately thought, “I should sew curtains for my living room.” Why did that thought pop into my mind? I have no idea, but back in August 2011 I … Continue reading

Quilt carry bag

I was trying to think of some clever name for the bag I just finished, but I was just too excited about finishing and I couldn’t wait to share it with you. So, here is my new quilt carry bag. If you can think of some fancy name for it, be sure to let me know! For several years now I’ve been dragging my quilts around to guilds around the … Continue reading

Secret quilt top complete

How do I blog about my secret project when I’m not supposed to blog about it? For the first time, I’m working behind the scenes on a quilt for a specific exhibition that explicitly says that the work can not be shown on websites, blogs, Facebook, or any other internet, printed material or public display. Okay, I get it. They want the show to be new and interesting for their … Continue reading

DIY growth chart for the grandbabies

Amalya and Hazel's birth measurements are marked

I love chasing rabbit trails, especially ones that involve internet exploration and research. I recently saw a growth chart on Pinterest, which made me realize I wanted to get one so we could record our grandchildren over the coming years. I thought that it might be a fun activity to do with the grandkids each birthday. I browsed Pinterest and Etsy to get ideas. I wanted something creative, but simple. … Continue reading

Altered shoes

In 2011, I used Shiva Paintstiks to color my boring beige Birkenstocks a fabulous iridescent blue. I loved those sandals, but they were already four years old when I painted them the first time. Last summer I realized that I might need to eventually replace them. During the winter, I found a pair of deeply discounted Birkenstocks and I snatched them, even though they were sort of a dingy color … Continue reading

Basic blunders and Braided Zigzag

I’ve committed one of the most basic blunders — again. I jumped into making a quilt without really studying the instructions or the photo. But I guess that’s where the fun begins! Three or four years ago, I won this Moda jelly roll called “A Breath of Avignon” at my guild’s annual retreat. Since then, it sat on my shelf, right next to the angels my husband carved, so I … Continue reading

Tutorial: Jelly roll shower curtain

Final shower curtain

The votes are in, and more than three times as many people said: “Horizontal!” So, horizontal it is. Here’s the back story: Last week I was looking for a simple project that I could do that wouldn’t require much pre-planning and used stuff I already had in my studio. Since DD#1 has flown the coop, we now have a “guest bathroom.” Sounds impressive, huh? It’s actually a small, dull, hole-in-the-wall. … Continue reading