Progress on Push-up #8

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I am making progress on Push-up #8. Here are all the bits and pieces I’ve made so far, but everything is still subject to change. I seem to be struggling a lot with this one, and I’m not sure why. … Continued

Hmmm…seem to be at a standstill

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Things aren’t falling together for me right now. Time for me to get down to some serious work. This is where my design wall is right now. I’d like to be finished with this one in the next day or … Continued

Color palette for Push-up #8

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I’m heading back to my studio for the rest of the day, but first I thought I’d show you my color palette for Push-up #8. As you can see, I’m using the fabric on the upper right as the inspiration … Continued

Push-up #7: Trio

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Push-up #7 is complete! I actually made my self-imposed deadline this time. I’m calling this one “Trio.” A new one starts next week. I think I’ll peruse my stash tomorrow and pick fabric for Push-up #8.

Playful Push-ups

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Aren’t these colors fun? While the snow piles up outside, it’s warm and wonderful inside because this is what I’ve been looking at. I’m practicing my word for 2014 and I’ve been trying to create a new piece that’s playful. … Continued

Push-up #7 will be warm

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While I was making Push-up #6 over this past week, I was also pre-washing fabric that I purchased during the end-of-the-year sales. This morning, I folded them and put them away. In the process, I came across these four fabrics. … Continued