Push-up #6 Complete

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“Teal Trials” is complete! I was happy to have several hours this afternoon and evening to concentrate on this. My goal was to finish today (since I didn’t get to finish it yesterday), so I can sleep well tonight. I … Continued

Push-up #6 progress

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On Saturday, I had all day “just to quilt.” I had struggled with this piece on Friday, so I was not sure how I was going to proceed. What I actually ended up doing was write this blog post, unload … Continued

Push-up #6 begun

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I began Push-Up #6 during our little private retreat earlier this month. I’ve stabbed at it a little at a time over the past two weeks, between all the other holiday activities. I’d like to finish it by tomorrow, so … Continued

I’m still giggling

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A funny thing happened to me this week, and I’m still giggling over it! The last two weeks have been crazy. One week, just about everything we had planned got rescheduled or replaced. Then I got sick for two days. … Continued

Push-up #5: Perseverance

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Push-up #5 is complete! Finally! I’m calling Push-up #5 “Perseverance” because I kept having other things crop up that demanded my attention so I had to keep making new deadlines. I’m glad it’s finally done! Somehow I need to figure … Continued