Collect, don’t hoard

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This morning I started reading “Steal Like an Artist” by Austin Kleon. I have barely started it, but this quote pretty much sums up the attitude I need to adopt. The artist is a collector. Not a hoarder, mind you, … Continued

Decluttering – victory!

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I’m declaring victory in the decluttering war! Okay, honestly there are a few more areas that I should address, but frankly I am ready to stop for now. I’ve made major progress and I feel like I can work in … Continued

Decluttering, day 6

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Saturday I got some more accomplished on my task to declutter my studio. Who am I kidding? Clutter sounds so trivial, like a paper here, a pencil there. No, I meant I was determined to completely go through everything in … Continued

Decluttering, day 5

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I was blessed to have quite a few hours available to declutter yesterday! I have finished going through everything in my three storage cupboards. During this week, I got rid of about 1-1/2 cupboards full of stuff. Everything in the … Continued

Decluttering, day 4

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Today is Day 4 of decluttering my studio. This is where I stopped yesterday after I continued work in cupboard #2. I didn’t have a lot of time, but I thought I would take just a few moments to organize … Continued

Decluttering, day 3

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Today is Day 3 of my attempt to dig out my studio. I’m still working on purging long forgotten craft supplies from my prime work area. After getting rid of most of the things in the first cupboard, I decided … Continued

Decluttering, day 2

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This is where I’m starting today. I purged just about all of the stuff in the first cupboard. A few things, like the cans of spray paint, are going to be relocated to the garage. Most of the other things … Continued

Decluttering continues

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While my blog has been quiet, things have been busy around our house! Of course, I’m getting to spend lots of time with Hazel who, at 8 months old, is practicing her new walking skills and is learning to wave … Continued