Oxford Piecemakers

Last Saturday, I had the wonderful opportunity to teach my Making Faces workshop to a quilt guild just an hour from my house. They were very gracious and let me bring DD#2 as my assistant and, of course, little Hazel had to come help as well. She was in a great mood, and she smiled and babbled at all the right times! Here are some of the portraits that were … Continue reading

Our Texas adventure: the icing on the cake

Hancock's of Paducah

And now for the final leg of our Texas adventure! Thursday, October 23, we packed all of my teaching supplies in our little quilt car, L’l Blue, and pointed her towards home. We were eager to return. After all, being gone eleven days is an eternity when you have a five month old grand-baby waiting for you. Our entire trip home actually changed after a random comment by one of … Continue reading

Our Texas adventure, Part 6


On Monday, October 20, we had a relaxing day off, and we had a little extra time to prepare for Tuesday night’s lecture for Quilt Guild of Greater Houston. I had the privilege of presenting my People and Portraits lecture, which is one of my favorites. In it, I cram in as much eye candy as I possibly can, showing a wide variety of portraits by many different artists, and … Continue reading

Our Texas adventure, Part 5

Painted Pony 'n Quilts

Sunday, October 19, we packed the car and headed south again. On the way, we had the great pleasure of meeting the woman who commissioned Acceptance, which is a duplicate of Surrender. We had such a pleasant time visiting with her, it hardly seemed like we were meeting her for the first time. After lunch, we traveled to Spring, Texas to see a quilt shop called GRS Creations & Fabrics. … Continue reading

Our Texas adventure, Part 4

Texas Quilt Museum

Friday, October 17, was a free day. We took to opportunity to take a short road trip. First we visited the Texas Quilt Museum in La Grange. This quilt museum is fairly new, and this was my first opportunity to visit it. It is located in a beautiful, old-fashioned little town full of quaint shops. The museum is set in a storefront along a main street. It is big enough … Continue reading

Our Texas adventure, Part 3

After a second night’s rest, we readied ourselves for our first marathon day. I presented a trunk show to Coastal Prairie Quilt Guild of Texas in the morning. We ate a quick lunch before I taught a half day color workshop in the afternoon. It was fast and cram-packed full of information, but I think everyone enjoyed themselves despite my trying to teach a lot in a little time. When … Continue reading

Our Texas adventure, Part 2

Hazel's finished portrait

What do you usually do when you are on a long road trip, sitting in the passenger seat? Sweet hubby loves to drive, so I’m rarely behind the wheel, but that’s okay. I can always find something to do! On this trip, we listened to audio books most of the time, but I had to keep my hands busy, so I brought along a little project. I decided to use … Continue reading

Our Texas adventure, Part 1

Sweet hubby and I just got back from a really wonderful road trip to Houston and back, and I’d love to share it with you. We started out on our two-day drive on Tuesday, October 14. Sweet hubby loves driving cross country. Weird, huh? But, it was enjoyable enough. It’s a great time of year to drive through the Midwest since all of the trees have turned beautiful shades of … Continue reading