Happy birthday, DD#2

Happy birthday, DD#2

I finished my improvisational Cherrywood Fabrics quilt on Saturday. I think I’ll just call it “Cherrywood Improv.” In any case, I was thrilled to finish in time to give it to DD#2 for her 25th birthday! She loves the colors and I’m sure she’ll spend many happy hours snuggled up under it while watching movies with her DH. I’m really happy with how it turned out. I was determined to … Continue reading

Design walls

Cherrywood layout

Would it surprise you to know that I don’t have an adequate design wall? I have one 4 ft by 8 ft piece of foam insulation board that I’ve covered with black fabric. It is great for taking photographs and lately I haven’t been making much that is bigger than that. It’s lightweight and I can drag it around the house or even outside if I want better lighting. But … Continue reading

Tutorial: Improvisational piecing: skinny strips

Cherrywood Fabrics

I’m trying something new! (Well, new for me.) Lately, I’ve had an inexplicable desire to do some piecing. Weird, huh? I was joking with a fellow guild member recently about how long it’s been since I actually pieced anything. It might have been Wedding Dreams in 2001! Although, I guess I did throw together a little baby quilt from a kit (!) during August 2010. Nothing in between those that … Continue reading