Glorious Gold wins second

I just picked up my quilt, “Glorious Gold,” from the lovely lady in my quilt guild who orgainzed the “glorious” quilt challenge. If you were reading my blog at the beginning of September, you may remember my adventure in paper piecing, bleeding fabrics, and fusible rhinestones. I was unable to be at the meeting where everyone displayed the quilts that were made for the challenge, so Sue took care of … Continue reading

Give away: winner and fusible rhinestuds

On Tuesday I was diligently finishing up my “Glorious” challenge quilt. Tuesday was kind of a crazy day for me, so I never got around to giving you a progress report. We had to turn in our challenge quilts on Tuesday night. (They will all be shown at the next quilt guild meeting.) Not wanting to get done too quickly (wink!) I started trimming my quilt about 6:30 Tuesday morning. … Continue reading

Glorious quilting

I’m still working on the “glorious” quilt challenge. I pulled out the fusible batting scraps and had a piece big enough for this little quilt, so that’s what I used. It’s quick and easy. The directions say to press it for 3 seconds on the wool setting. For my iron, at least, that didn’t even effect the fusible stuff, so I cranked up the heat a bit and pressed it … Continue reading

Do you prewash?

There’s a continual debate between quilters on whether fabric should be prewashed or not. Do you prewash? I do. Always. It’s probably a hold-over from when I was a garment seamstress and I wanted the fabric to shrink as much as possible before I make a closely-fitted garment. I also like the softened feel of washed fabric, wrinkles and all. Plus, I prefer to remove any scents, smells, and any … Continue reading

Product review: Sulky Paper Solvy

Tearing away dry paper

I continued to push ahead with my “glorious” yellow quilt challenge, which my quilt guild so kindly proposed. I guess I’ve actually started thinking of it as “glorious gold.” Doesn’t that sound better? “Gold” just sounds so much more dignified that “yellow.” Tuesday I assembled the three sections of this little quilt. I don’t think I’ve mentioned how large it is. It will be 24″ square. That’s become my favorite … Continue reading

Tutorial: Appliqued circles

Ah…time for a break. I had a great day because I was able to spend a good four to five hours working on the middle ring of the “glorious” yellow quilt I’m making for my guild’s 2011 quilt challenge. I left this ring for last because I needed to use the gold tissue lamé. Taming Tissue Lamé If you’ve never used tissue lamé before, it can be rather annoying to … Continue reading

Glorious quilt challenge, part 2

It’s just before 11 PM on Sunday night and I just finished paper piecing the outer ring for the “glorious” yellow quilt I’m making for my guild’s quilt challenge for this year. You may notice I changed the background color for the outer ring. In my original design, I was planning to use charcoal gray. I liked the idea of using a monochromatic color scheme, especially since yellow, white and … Continue reading

Glorious quilt challenge

Glorious design

I finally started the “glorious” challenge for my quilt guild, the Miami Valley Quilters’ Guild. Yeah, the one where I have to use the solid gold cotton fabric and gold lamé. It must be done by September 13, and I’ll be gone three of those days 🙂 First I procrastinated by buying a bunch more yellow fabrics… Then, I had the thought that this might be a nice time to … Continue reading