Sapphire Star – complete!

Sapphire Star by Maria Elkins

Sapphire Star is now complete! I decided that waiting another six months to finish just wasn’t going to work for me. I wanted it done! But, last night we had movie night at our church. What’s a girl to do? I quickly trimmed the quilt, cut some binding, and sewed it on by machine. All that was left was the hand sewing. I grabbed my gear and we were off … Continue reading

Exile and giveaway

Quilting Arts February/March 2012 - Fabric Markers Five Ways

Exile. How sweet the word! Sweet hubby and I decided to exile ourselves this week. Away we flew in Dad’s RV, away to a nearby, not-to-be-disclosed location, away from phones, away from email, away from the rest of the world. We got to our destination, plugged in, and hunkered down. Yes, there was snow on the ground, but we were warm and toasty inside. We watched movies and read and … Continue reading

Improvised marking

Plastic spoon and ruler to mark lines

Today was Craft Day at our little church. It’s a really nice time where the ladies can all gather together for food and fellowship. We each bring whatever craft we like and sit and work and chat. Ahhh…relax! I grabbed the Sapphire Star quilt I’ve been hand quilting. It’s been sitting for several months and I really need to start working on it more regularly. Anyway, I got to church … Continue reading

More markless marking: tape

I thought I’d show you some of I what I did while I was visiting my dad last week. I started hand quilting the Cosmic Jewels quilt. “Cosmic Jewels” is the name of the Debbie Maddy pattern I used, but I need to think of a good name for my own quilt. I’m thinking I’ll call it “Sapphire Star.” In any case, I had filled my suitcase with my pin-basted … Continue reading

Preparing Cosmic Jewels

Looking at our calendar, I realized that we’ll be traveling more than usual between now and the end of the year. I like having a small project to carry around with me to keep my hands busy. Since my sewing machine is getting its yearly checkup anyway, I thought it might be a good idea to hand quilt my Cosmic Jewels quilt. (Its new name is “Shapphire Star.”) Just some … Continue reading

Cosmic Jewels quilt top is complete!

Work in progress

I finished piecing together the blocks for the Cosmic Jewels quilt. (Its new name is “Sapphire Star.”) I did end up changing that one fabric that was bothering me along the right hand side. I decided to leave everything else as originally designed. Next I’ll start digging around for some batting to use up. Since this will just be a wall quilt for my home and is not intended to … Continue reading

Give away: winner of Cosmic Jewels pattern

Work in progress

I pinned my work in progress to my “design wall” which is actually just a piece of styrofoam covered with black fabric. I mostly use it when I take photos of my quilts, so it is not permanently mounted anywhere. That way I can move it around to wherever the light is best. Anyway, Saturday I spent a little time trimming each of the squares so they were each 4″ … Continue reading

Give away: pattern and Debbie Maddy workshop

Debbie Maddy

Tuesday and Wednesday my guild had Debbie Maddy do two workshops and a trunk show. She brought seven suitcases full of quilts! Wow! I suspect every quilt I’ve ever made could have fit in juast one of those suitcases. Most of her patterns use her method for making diamonds with no “Y” seams. This lets even beginners make striking quilts and they go together quickly. On Wednesday I had the … Continue reading