Demo for Miami Valley Quilter’s Guild

Last night, my quilt guild, the Miami Valley Quilter’s Guild, had their annual “How-To” Demonstrations meeting. Four members demonstrated various techniques or skills. I volunteered to demo how to make a hanging sleeve. Our guild has its biannual quilt guild show next May, so I encouraged everyone to enter a quilt. We have a really good group of ladies. I made 80 copies of my instructions, and we ran several … Continue reading

Tutorial: Using a gray scale tool

One thing I’ve learned about myself is that I need things to be organized in logical ways so my brain can process it all more easily. I started college when I was only 17, before I consciously realized this about myself. Even though I really liked my college textile art professor, I could never quite grasp the things she was trying to teach me because she taught in such a … Continue reading

Tutorial: Confused by pixels, resolution, and DPI?

When it comes to digital pictures, are you confused by pixels, DPI, and resolution? You’re not alone! I’m pretty much just a point-and-shoot photographer. I like to assume my end result is going to be great. After all, it looks great on the 2″ screen of my camera. But honestly, just about anything is going to look pretty good at that size. The problem is when I need to view … Continue reading

Tutorial: Dyeing unusual things

It always surprises me a bit when I realize how many things can actually be dyed. I am certainly no expert at dyeing. I’ve only done it a handful of times, probably because it is not my favorite thing to do. When I first learned to dye fabric, it was drilled into me that you can only dye natural fibers: cotton, linen, rayon, silk, wool. So, it never occurred to … Continue reading

Tutorial: Computer printed labels

Yesterday, I touched on what information to put on a quilt label. Today I want to give you a short tutorial on an easy way to make a quilt label. My absolute laziest way to make a quilt label is to just sign the quilt with my favorite fabric pen, the Pentel Gel Roller for Fabric. I’ve been know to just write directly onto the quilt backing. After many years … Continue reading

Tutorial: What goes on a quilt label

While I was putting the final touches on “Cabin Window” last week, there was a Facebook question about making quilt labels. That made me think of some of the different ways I’ve made labels through the years. I guess it goes without saying that I hope you label your quilts! Every quilt you make deserves to have your name on it. For a few years, I studied quilt history and … Continue reading

Tutorial: adding a hanging sleeve

Since I was in the process of adding a hanging sleeve to the back of “Cabin Window” a couple days ago, I thought I might as well show you a simple tutorial on how I do it. This is probably not a new idea for many of you, but there are always beginners eager to learn new aspects of quilting. Whether you just want to be able to display a … Continue reading

Tutorial: Facing instead of binding

I finished quilting my quilt yesterday morning. Just simple lines following the curves of the piecing. It’s been quite a while since I’ve done any quilting, so I was pretty rusty. The quilting lines aren’t as smooth and the corners aren’t as sharp as I would like, but it’s done, and that’s what is important at this point. I decided to keep the undulating curved edges. Since that is unusual … Continue reading