March 2010, 12" wide by 12" high, © 2010, Maria Elkins, All Rights Reserved.

Strawberry Delight by Maria Elkins
Strawberry Delight

I created this quilt to submit in the 2011 Quilting Arts calendar contest. The theme of the contest was “Flavor of the Month” which made me think of one of my favorite foods: ice cream. Sad to say, ice cream must be banned from our house. And, even though we literally live two houses away from a Dairy Queen, I must pretend it doesn’t exist! Ice cream loves me too much to ever leave me, so I must be the strong one and resist.

Enough of that! To celebrate my love of ice cream, I decided that I really needed to make an ice cream quilt for the calendar contest. Any time I start planning a new quilt, I always end up thinking of people. What could be more natural than making a quilt of a child slurping up every drop? I love to watch them. Unlike adults, they are completely unconcerned by the mess dripping down their chins. Instead, they are just enjoying every lick!