Dear Friends –

We are continually amazed at how fast time seems to go by. It’s hard to believe that we are more than half way through our pregnancy. On Monday, June 4th, we had our monthly ultrasound and doctor’s appointment. Our ultrasound this month was very short, but still very sweet. We treasure having glimpses into Amalya’s world and getting the chance to see him. He is continuing to grow, and still has very long arms and legs. His organs are doing well, and he is continuing to swallow fluid, which is amazing. They are estimating his weight at 1 pound 3 ounces. We are encouraged by his continual growth and development.

During our doctors appointment we also made some decisions in regards to our birth plan. After much prayer, research, and many conversations, we have decided to deliver via C-Section. We feel this will give Amalya the best chance of being born alive. We have also decided to deliver a few weeks early (we will deliver at 37weeks), as many of these babies pass away in utero during the last few weeks of the pregnancy. We are excited to announce that Lord willing, we will meet Amalya Nathaniel on Sept. 10, 2012 at 7:30 am! Please pray that Amalya Nathaniel continues to grow and that we will make it to our delivery date.

We have spent a lot of time this past month looking into ways we can help the science/medical community in the area of research. Unfortunately, many of the avenues we pursued have not worked out in the ways we had hoped. We are continuing to do more research, and will pursue as many options as possible. At this point, there do not seem to be many more options left to explore.

This month has brought many opportunities for us to make treasured memories as a family. Some highlights include bringing Amalya Nathaniel to Waffle House (one of our favorite places to indulge), taking him swimming for the first time, going to Hills and Dales Metro Park, and spending a day at the Columbus Zoo. The Columbus Zoo was a very special treat. We both felt that all kids should go to the zoo at some point, so we were thrilled to take our son. We are amazed how much he has incorporated himself into our daily lives. One way he has done this is by kicking and moving non-stop!!! We have spent many evenings with hands on the belly so we can feel him move all around.

Finally, we feel blessed to share how Amalya has given us a unique opportunity to develop and deepen our walk with the Lord. This past month we have learned a great deal about walking with the Lord in joy, and submitting to his divine purpose even in the most difficult situations. We have had so many amazing moments of joy, excitement, and praise since Amalya’s diagnosis, which may be surprising to some people. We know that our true tendency would be to focus on the negatives and be lost in despair, yet we have found that by submitting our wills to the Lord’s ultimate purpose, we have found peace, strength, and joy. We can truly say how amazingly blessed we are, and we are so thankful to have Amalya Nathaniel as part of our lives.

As always, we are grateful for all the support and prayers. Please continue to pray for us to have strength in our journey, and that we may continue to see Amalya Nathaniel grow as long as possible.

With Love,
Eric and Bethany

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