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Quilting has temporarily put on the back burner so I can do a few other projects. Today my daughter came over so we could put up a bit of wallpaper in one of the Sunday school rooms at church. This … Continued

Blue picnic tables

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I’m working on checking things off my “to do” list. One of them was to put wood putty in the cracks on our two picnic tables, and then to put on a couple more coats of blue paint. So, instead … Continued

Family visit

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I haven’t posted for a while because I’ve been enjoying a visit from my dad, my brother and his wife. We had a nice time talking, and we also went to the Air Force Museum, a few parks, some antique … Continued

May 2011 Calendar Girl!

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Woohoo!!! Today Pokey Bolton talked about my quilt, “Strawberry Delight,” on her Quilting Arts blog. Her blog is unveiling the new 2011 Quilting Arts calendar which is now available for pre-order through Interweave. A lot of exciting quilts are going … Continued

2010 NQA show

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Today my mom and I had the opportunity to see the NQA (National Quilting Association) show in Columbus, Ohio. My dear hubby played chauffer, so we were pampered with door-to-door service. The show was really nice; very well laid out, … Continued

Studio floor plan

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Melly commented that my studio space looks huge. Well, as I said in my May 4 post, I really am thankful for all the space I have to spread out now! I thought it might be interesting to show you … Continued

Behind the scenes

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I’ve been entering quilt shows since the mid 1990’s. In fact, the National Quilt Association show was the first national level show I ever entered. But, in all the shows I’ve entered, I’ve never had the opportunity to see how … Continued

Day Five, 4 PM

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It’s 4 PM on Day Five of my project to clean up my studio, and I’m declaring victory! The floor is clear. The table is cleaned off. Stuff is put back where it belongs. Success! Truthfully, this is really just … Continued