Day Four, 1 PM

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It’s 1 PM on Day Four of attempting to clean my studio. Progress is being made, although I confess I haven’t actually stepped foot into the actual studio. I’ve spent the last few days just cleaning up the studio overflow. … Continued

Day Two, 11:30 PM

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I didn’t actually have much time to work today. I had the priviledge of meeting with a great bunch of ladies this morning for Bible study. Then, I spent the afternoon with my two wonderful daughters exploring Ikea. More errands … Continued

Day One, 4 PM

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It’s 4 PM on Day One of cleaning my studio. Actually, I started in the dining room next to my studio. That’s where I have a cabinet for storing my quilts, and it was a mess! Stuff piled on top. … Continued

I Finally Got A Business Card!

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After years of procrastinating, I finally got business cards made up. I decided to do a self portrait using the technique that I teach in my “Making Faces” DVD. Of course, I had to make it in blue! Next time … Continued

Memorial Day & My Dad

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Today I want to honor my dad. Thankfully, he is still alive (he’s 80 years old) and living happily with my brother in California but, sadly, Alzheimer’s is silencing many of his memories. My dad served in the US Air … Continued

Second Detail of Sheer Whim

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I think I’ve recovered from my week of madness. I often wait way too long to start a quilt and then I have ridiculous deadlines that I try to meet. Pretty much everything else gets pushed aside while I concentrate … Continued

Sheer Whim

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Finished! The final touch was brainstorming with my family to come up with a title. I have a great family! It’s always fun to toss out ideas and talk about the various possibilities. Our final choice is “Sheer Whim.” This … Continued