I enjoy learning new things. I spent years reading about how to make quilts before I ever actually made one. Since then, I’ve made it a goal to keep trying new techniques, new products, and new ideas. My newest endeavor is to explore abstract quilts using improvisational methods. These are some of those experiments.

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Cabin Window by Maria Elkins

Cabin Window

Embrace #1 by Maria Elkins

Embrace #1

2006 Journal Quilts by Maria Elkins

2006 Journal Quilts

2005 Journal Quilts by Maria Elkins

2005 Journal Quilts

2003 Journal Quilts by Maria Elkins

2003 Journal Quilts

Teacup by Maria Elkins


2002 Journal Quilts by Maria Elkins

2002 Journal Quilts

Always Establish Who's At Fault by Maria Elkins

Always Establish…

Celebrate 2000 by Maria Elkins

Celebrate 2000

Beautiful Treasures by Maria Elkins

Beautiful Treasures

First December in Ohio by Maria Elkins

First December in Ohio