Ohio Dreaming

July 2003, 31" wide by 36" high, © 2003 Maria Elkins, All Rights Reserved.

Ohio Dreaming by Maria Elkins

Ohio Dreaming

This quilt was created for the Ohio Bicentennial Quilt Challenge. The girl is based on a photo I took of my youngest daughter. My husband named the quilt, modifying the title of the song, "California Dreaming." We moved from California in 1991 and have since adopted Ohio as our own. While this quilt was being made, our youngest was in the process of looking for a college who would offer her a volleyball scholarship. We parents were, of course, dreaming of an Ohio college so she won’t be too far from home! Well, the verse, "With God all things are possible," is true! A terrific scholarship was eventually offered by a college not too far away and she accepted. Now it’s her turn to dream.

I decided to make the quilt in the shape of the state of Ohio because I liked how the bottom edge reminded me of a rippling quilt. Naturally the "quilt" wrapped around her had to be made with an Ohio Star block! The girl was painted with Tsukineko All-Purpose Inks on commercially printed tone-on-tone fabrics. She’s resting her elbow on her knee, so I painted the inside seam of her blue jeans so it will look more like her leg and not a river.

The background was dyed with Procion dyes and overpainted with Setacolor. The ferns are "sunpainted" using Setacolor’s heliographic properties. The text and trillium were hand painted with Jacquard textile paints. Other techniques used include fused applique, painted washes, and free motion machine quilting with 100 wt. silk, Brilliance®, Reflections®, and variegated metallic threads, all by YLI. The batting used is my favorite, Hobbs Heirloom Washable Wool.


Ohio Dreaming — 4 Comments

  1. 2003! Amazing, Maria!
    Your quilt still inspires.
    Please, check out my own work on Amazon.com–
    The title of my book is– Mr. E. 2003 Manifest Lessons from Ohio’s Bicentennial Celebration.
    So amazing that I am presenting my first book signing and I found your beautiful quilt online just this morning. I wrote about the Bob Evans quilt show at the Ohio State Fair in August of 2003. You may also be interested in a copy of my book.
    Peace to you.
    With God, All Things Are Possible and Goodness is the only true success.

    Mr. Keith A. Elkins

  2. Hi Marie,
    I am always in awe when I look at your quilts. What a gift you have. This one is very beautiful. I have your DVD which I enjoy so much and have done a couple “making faces” wall quilts. One of the things you do that I am so baffled with is how you make alot of your quilts depicting a quilt within the quilt. I have always wanted to know the technique. Is it paper pieced or all layed out in applique ?
    Thank you,

    • I typically do fused applique with a single fabric underneath as a base. For instance, on Ohio Dreaming, the white fabric that you see as sashing is a single piece. Then, all of the red shapes are fused on top.