It’s a blustery day

Green and yellow stash

Today is a blustery day. said winds were up to 35 mph, although I heard up to 50 mph on the news. When we went on our hour-long walk this morning, there were no other walkers on the path. I wanted to go to Ikea today, but decided to postpone it. DH was all for it, but I don’t particularly like the idea of driving for nearly an hour … Continue reading

Embrace Version 2

Hand-dyed Embrace by Maria Elkins © 2010

I’m not so sure I like working in black and white alone, so I decided to put the first version of Embrace up on the design wall so I could look at it a while. Back to my fabric stash. This time I pulled out a generous stack hand-dyed fabric. It was pretty much my main attempt at hand dyeing fabric. I used directions frome an American Quilter magazine article … Continue reading

Auditioning fabrics and ideas

B&W Embrace work in progress, day 2

Today was all about auditioning fabrics. I made some guesses and filled in all my shapes, but I definitely think I’ll need to do some editing. Some areas seem too dark. In some areas I think two fabrics visually merge together, which I think I want to avoid. I was thinking about how much I enjoyed the original sketch and the overlapping lines, so I thought I would see what … Continue reading

Enjoying the fabric

B&W Embrace work in progress

Today I enjoyed running my fingers through my fabric stash and pulling out every black and white print that I could find. For this first experiment, I wanted to try eliminating color and just enjoy the variety of prints and the perceived shades of gray that they create. I started cutting some of the pieces. Mostly, I just tried to pick prints that were significantly different from the adjacent prints. … Continue reading

Revisiting Embrace

Embrace 1 by Maria Elkins (c) 2006

I’ve decided it is time for me to quit being lazy and quit making excuses. It’s time for me to get back to experimenting. Experimenting is great because, from the start, it gives you permission to fail. Some experiments will work out and some won’t. Either way, it’s okay because you’re learning something. Unlike starting out with the heavy burden of needing to create “Art.” Talk about fear inducing! I’ve … Continue reading