Lion Baby Quilt by Maria Elkins
Lion Baby Quilt

My very first quilt was this purple pindot and turquoise plaid baby quilt, made for our first daughter. It was made in December 1984 from a commercial pattern to which I added my own touches. For instance, I made it reversable so that on the back of the quilt is the back of the lion, complete with wrap-around tail. This pattern is ©1976 Down on the Farm Originals by Jean Wilkenson, pattern number 101. (Sorry, I have no idea where you could get this pattern now. It was purchased in the early 1980’s.)

Feathered Star by Maria Elkins
Feathered Star

It was seven years before I made my second quilt! Probably something to do with two small children and an undiagnosed case of hypothyroidism. Anyway, this was made during Summer 1991. It is hand appliqued, machine pieced and hand quilted. This one was also made from a commercial pattern called “Flowering Star” by Judy Martin.

In Answer to Prayer by Maria Elkins
In Answer to Prayer

My third quilt, “In Answer To Prayer,” was made over a three year period. I’d like to blame the delay on two kids and a husband, working full time, hypothroidism, and a host of other excuses. The real reason is that I was afraid of failure.

What Art You Gonna Do With Your Hand-Dyed Fabric? by Maria Elkins
What Art You Gonna Do With Your Hand-Dyed Fabric?

This quilt is an adaptation of Eleanor Burn’s Star Log Cabin Quilt-in-A-Day, only I cut my strips half the width that the pattern called for. I made this quilt in 1998 when I got a coupon for a free class at a local quilt shop. This is the last quilt I made from a commercial pattern.

Heaven on Earth by Maria Elkins, Patricia Van Hulla and Rhonda Fry
Heaven on Earth

This is an original round-robin quilt. The center was made by me. The first border which is about 6-inches wide was made by my mother, Patricia Van Hulla. The last border, which is also about 6-inches wide, and the quilting was completed by my sister, Rhonda Fry. This quilt was made about 1999.