December 2011, 24" wide by 24" high, © 2011, Maria Elkins, All Rights Reserved.

Quilt Queen by Maria Elkins

Quilt Queen was created as a way to experiment with different ways of using a glue stick in quiltmaking. I made it for one of my product reviews for an “Out of the Toolbox” article in Quilting Arts magazine.

For this quilt, I challenged myself to make an entire quilt without using any pins or even any fusibles. Instead, I temporarily held everything in place with Lapel Stick fabric glue stick. I did all of the applique, couching, and assembling with it. I used glue stick to baste my quilt. I even used glue stick to attach the binding, the sleeve, and the label. Because Lapel Stick is a temporary adhesive, everything is hand or machine stitched afterwards.

Queen Queen is definitely not part of the “quilt police”! Instead, she is kind and benevolent, eager to learn every new technique that is available to us today. She’s generous and willing to share with others, but also respectful and open to advice. She is encouraging and not critical. She’s curious and loves to experiment with new products and tools. Of course, she has a sense of humor and can laugh at her own mistakes! She goes to quilt shows, reads quilt magazines and peruses the quilt blogs so she can see other quilters’ work, but has her own sense of style. She is everything good and sweet. She is unique.

Despite the fact that I’m terribly jealous of her fabulous blue hair, it is NOT a self-portrait! I definitely have not crowned myself queen!!! She became queen because of her lace tiara.

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