Broken Dishes

May 2009, 42″ wide by 58″ high, Private Collection, © 2009, Maria Elkins, All Rights Reserved.

Broken Dishes by Maria Elkins

Broken Dishes

I was originally drawn into quilting by the strong geometric patterns and the fanciful quilt names. Many times I would look at a traditional quilt block and try to figure out why it got its name.

The “Broken Dishes” quilt block is one of those blocks I would let my mind ramble over, and I always imagined a loving, tender moment of forgiveness and acceptance between mother and daughter. This image has easily been in my mind for ten years, and I’m so glad I finally had the opportunity to make it.

This quilt is entirely fused applique, even the “pieced” blocks in the background. The large circle is stenciled over the top, and silk organza circles are fused on top.

The figures are also fused applique using a modified version the beginner’s technique described in my
“Making Faces”

Broken Dishes, detail, by Maria Elkins

Broken Dishes, detail


Broken Dishes — 4 Comments

  1. I absolutely love this piece. Thanks you so much for sharing some of the details as to how your created this wonderful art piece.

  2. This is an amazing quilt. You are so very artistically talented!!!
    Thanks for the technology it could be shared and enjoyed!

  3. This a beautiful quilt. The tender moment is one I’ve experienced with my own daughter. You have captured it so wonderfully. Thank you!