2 John (1996)

Chosen Lady, walk in love. This is the command that Jesus has given us.

Vintage message from Mother’s Day 1996.

When people looked at this chosen lady who belonged to the fellowship, they looked at her and saw a lady that was walking in the truth, and they loved her for it. She lived the example of Jesus Christ in her life…You have made your life so prominent in the Lord that people can see Jesus in you, and they love you for that…Chosen lady — walk in love. This is the command that Jesus has given us…Don’t lose that respect. Don’t lose that faith that you have. Don’t lose that desire you have to serve the Lord. And don’t lose that heart to raise your kids in the truth. Don’t give up on the love that the Holy Spirit puts in you for your kids and the truth that you share with them regularly. Don’t give up on it, because if you do, you may lose what you have. And the greatest thing you have to lose are those very kids you are raising. Have you ever thought about the influence that you have in your kids lives? That if you decide one day you’re just tired of serving the Lord and you walk away, what that might do to them?…You know what, Moms? There is no greater testimony, there is no greater witness that you can be than to raise up your children to know and love God, to love God yourself, and to share that love with those around you. No greater testimony.