Matthew (1990)

Vintage message from April 8, 1990, recorded at Calvary Chapel of Mira Mesa, San Diego, California.

“One thing we have to understand is we are in a battle. Every day that we live for Christ, the enemy is going to do his best to run us down. You know, we can get worn out by fighting the battle. Sometimes, though, as we fight, as we battle for the Lord, as we serve the Lord and we start getting worn down, it’s not because the Lord’s not in our life trying to strengthen us. Sometimes it’s maybe because we are not doing exactly what the Lord has asked us to do. Or maybe it’s because we’ve gotten off into our own flesh. Or because we’ve not taken time to pray, or we’ve not taken time to read the Word. There’s many, many reasons for us to be tired…We don’t need to strive to obtain the blessings that He wants to give us. Many times we are so thirsty. We thirst for God. We hunger for God. He’s saying, ‘Here I am. Communicate with Me! Give ear and come to Me. Hear Me.’ He’s speaking to us. Even today, He’s speaking to us, each one of us, individually, through the power of the Holy Spirit. All we have to do is come, all we have to do is listen, and He will show us how our needs can be met to glorify Him, to bring praise and honor to His Name. We don’t need to worry about our provision. He’s already taken care of our provision…Tired of being tired? We’ve got to give God the right to use us how He will. If we have His yoke upon us, the burden becomes light. It becomes easy to serve. It becomes easy to walk with God, and every day as we learn, we become more teachable to God. And that’s what God is asking for: God is asking for teachable spirits within us.”