Push-up #5: Getting closer

pushup05-03I’m getting a little closer. When I last posted about this quilt on September 8, I had big plans of working long hours this week. In the end, I had about an hour or so each day to work on this since Monday.

With each strip I add, I put the entire thing back up on the design wall and stand back to study it. I keep trying to think of balancing repetition with variety, if that makes sense. I want to make each strip a little different that the ones before.

Right now this is about 30″ wide and I’m using strips that are cut selvage to selvage, so it’s about 42″ long. I’m not sure how much bigger I’ll go. I’m still trying to resolve the two sides. As it is, the left side ends in a white strip, which I don’t really like, although I do like the scallops. I also don’t want the dark areas on either side to be the same width, so that is going to need more thinking to find the right solution. That’s what I like about quiltmaking, though. It is a series of little “problem” that need solving. What could be more fun?

So now, this percolates for a few more days since the weekend looks particularly busy. Hopefully, I’ll get it done next week.


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  1. Ed Chamness Avatar
    Ed Chamness

    Great to see the progress…looking forward to the finished piece…