Miami Valley Quilters’ Guild 2010 Show

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2010 MVQG show
2010 MVQG show
Today and tomorrow my quilt guild, the Miami Valley Quilters’ Guild, is having their quilt show. We hold a show every two years. We have a lot of terrific quilters in our guild, so the show is usually very well attended.

Yesterday I got to help receive the quilts that were going to be in the show. Today I got to be a “white gloves” lady. We’re the ones walking around the show wearing gloves so that we can turn over quilts so people can see the quilting better. Sometimes I try to eavesdrop a little to hear the comments people make, but I’m really lousing at it because I don’t want to stand too close!

Still, it’s fun to watch. Everyone has their own style of viewing a quilt show. Some people just stroll by without hardly stopping. Some people stand back and take it all in. Others stand as close as they can to the quilt so their nose is practically touching it! Some people take pictures of just about every quilt. Others walk around with their digital camera in their hand and I never saw them take a single picture.

It’s fun to talk to people too. There were quite a few who had never been to a quilt show. Their only connection with quilts might be that they remember a quilt their grandma made from old clothes. Many people are surprised by the wide variety of quilts at the show.

Saturday I get to bring my mom to the show. Should be fun!