Day Four, 1 PM

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It’s 1 PM on Day Four of attempting to clean my studio. Progress is being made, although I confess I haven’t actually stepped foot into the actual studio. I’ve spent the last few days just cleaning up the studio overflow. You know, the stuff that creeps out of the studio into the family room, the living room, and the dining room. But, those places are now conquered, and as soon as I’m done with this post, I will take my life into my own hands and actually try to navigate my way into the real studio.

The file cabinet was a terrific find which I got from the local university cast-offs. They sell things for just a few dollars instead of throwing them away. Organizing the inside of the file cabinet will have to wait, though! To the right of the cabinet you can see my calendar pages that I staple to the back of the door going into the garage. This is where I keep track of quilt shows, when quilts need to be sent, guild lectures and workshops, etc. I like being able to see many months all at once. On the other side of the file cabinet you can just make out three lithographs that I made when I finished my college degrees several years ago.

In the pictures of the family room, you can see the microscope cabinet that came from the same university. It is perfect for organizing and storing my fabric. To the right you can see an open door. I’m rather proud of the fact that it can now be opened — probably for the first time in four or five years! I’m enjoying the natural light and a nice, cool breeze right now.

The family room and my studio are actually the same room. I really enjoy being able to work at my sewing machine and be able to watch a movie with my husband or daughters at the same time.