2010 Christmas ornaments

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2010 Christmas ornaments
2010 Christmas ornaments
This year was a hard year to decide what ornaments to make. There didn’t seem to be any momentous occassion to commemorate. The year was just your average day-to-day living.

DD#1 spent the year working diligently to save up money for grad school. She works for a company that manufactures electrical components, so she brought home a bunch of cast-offs to use in her ornament. During her time off, she’s also been doing some sewing. The poor child never had any sewing lessons. Don’t you feel sorry for her? Instead, she grew up watching me sew, and everything she knows, she absorbed through osmosis. It hasn’t slowed her down, though. She designed a highly specialized purse full of pockets and hidden compartments, recycled two leather jackets from the thrift store, and made herself an amazing purse this year. Scraps of leather were included in her ornament as well.

The one big event for DD#2 and her husband was buying motorcycles. Mamma likes to think of them as “stationary sculptures,” but they’ve really enjoyed using them to go to work and back home. Imagine a petite kindergarden teacher filling up the side saddles with books and zipping off to work. Not your typical severe special needs teacher! She actually liked riding her Honda Rebel so much that she just upgraded to a Honda Shadow. While I might not share her love of motorcycles, we do share a love of Tupperware. In fact, we love to search our favorite thrift store for Tupperware treasures. It seemed appropriate to use a Tupperware seal as the basis of her ornament, laced with black leather and a photo of her newest baby.

DH was just asking me how many more years I was planning on making ornaments for the girls. He cautioned that my work load would increase significantly when the grandkids start to come. I guess I’ll just have to take it year by year from here on out.

  1. Ed Chamnes

    I has been a special Chistmas present for us all reading about and seeing the ornaments you have made over the years. This is something that the girls will treasure forever…