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Wedding silhouetteThe June/July 2011 issue of Quilting Arts magazine arrived in my mailbox yesterday. Wow! What an issue! If you’re interested in making quilted portraits, this is THE issue to get. So many different methods, so many different artists. I was thrilled to have my little Quick and Easy Silhouette Quilts article included.

Silhouette article

I started making silhouettes last fall because I wanted a very easy method that even absolute beginners could make. I also wrote a couple tutorials for making a single silhouette or a family silhouette. The article gives additional information, too.

Strong family silhouette

These make great gifts and they really are SO EASY! In a single day, you could make several and the recipients love them!


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  1. Donna Becker

    Maria, I enjoy your blog SO much. Thanks for the silhouette tutorials. I’m thinking about doing one … now, don’t laugh … of my sister-in-law’s horse. My skills won’t yet allow me to do a portrait of him, but a silhouette? I think I can do that! Thanks, again.

    • Maria

      Yes, silhouettes are SO much easier, and lots of fun, too. BTW, I spent years drawing horses, so I think it’s a great idea to do a silhouette of one 🙂